About Sage Trainings

I have worked in the outdoor industry for many years and saw the need for training.  So i developed the  concept of Sage Trainings to create a place where any outdoor enthusiast can go to get trained and also go on interesting adventures.  


I chose as my logo the "Survival symbol", it is a symbol that has personal meaning to me and my family.  My father used to run survival trips for the local high school and my mother found this symbol in a book about Native Americans.  It said that this symbol:

Represents friendship and brotherhood.  They say the Native Americans would gather around a fire and cross arms and link hands (picture below), to feel of each others spirits, before a raiding or a hunting party.  

I hope that no matter what adventure or journey we all go on, this same feeling of friendship and brotherhood can be shared with anyone who trains at our training center.  

 About me

My name is Jake Smith and I'm the founder of Sage Trainings.  The first job I ever had was helping my father run survival programs for local kids who were in high school.  I have been in love with the wilderness ever since.  I worked every summer in the deserts of Southern Utah.  I then served a mission for my church for two years on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  I learned to speak Spanish and Mayan and learned many primitive skills from those people.  I came home and began working for The Journey, a company that uses work, wilderness and therapy to change young teenagers lives.  I became the Field Director for the outdoor component of the programs and then we started The Journey Wilderness program.  I eventually became the Executive Director and helped train many staff and worked with many clients.  I earned my degree in emergency managment from Utah Valley University.  I am a Wilderness EMT and love teaching Wilderness First Responder classes.  I am a member of a Utah search and rescue team, but my ultimate pride and joy is my family.  I have four amazing kids and a wife who supports and loves me.  I have a passion for training and believe the better trained a person is the safer they become.       


Let's work together

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Email: jake.sagetrainings@gmail.com                        Phone:  801-885-7244

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