Herbal Medicine 


Sage Trainings is proud to introduce Cat Farneman and her herbal classes. She is a world renouned teacher and healer, and we are proud to call her a friend.    


In Cats own words: 


At Purr-fectly Herbal by Cat we are dedicated to introducing, promoting and offering education on the age-old use of the medicinal properties of herbs. In this time of high-tech living and the stress it brings into our lives, with rising healthcare costs and a sense of dependence upon modern medicine, we feel it is prudent and empowering to step back and take a more personal interest in our health.

We can tap earth's resources provided for us by a loving Creator. We can be more in tune with our own bodies and take a more natural approach to health care. We can use the medicinal properties of plants to suppress disease organisms and relieve the stress of symptoms while allowing the body to heal itself.

We offer a few herbal products, including tinctures, salves, balms, lip balm, powdered herbs, bulk dried herbs, along with information about their use. If you want more herbal education, our herbal classes are fun and informative, teaching you to recognize, gather and prepare medicinal herbs for your own use. Teaching these classes and sharing products allows us to at least partially repay the many who have taught us these ancient ways.



Cathy (Cat) Farneman has been using medicinal plants for over twenty-five years.  She started growing specific medicinal herbs in her garden in 1973.  She began collecting medicinal herbs from the countryside for her own use and making herbal medicinal compounds about ten years ago.  This quickly grew into sharing these herbal “medicines” with family and friends. Cathy grew up in Southern California and has lived in most of the western states.  She and her husband, Hal, travel all over the west collecting medicinal herbs, often hiking far into the desert, into forests, or onto mountains to get away from roads and other polluting sources in order to gather the plants.  They have established an herbal trading network in order to get herbs from areas where they cannot always travel.  The process of preserving the collected herbs, extracting the medicinal properties and making useful herbal medicinal compounds is presently one of the major focuses of their lives.

Cathy learned about using the medicinal properties of herbs from several seminars, training courses and classes, as well as from reading over 40 books on this subject.  She has been fortunate to have several herbalists and “medicine” people give her hands-on training in these practices.  Having spent most of her childhood up in trees, Cathy has found a special affinity for plants and nature, especially a deep connection with medicinal plants.

Cathy and Hal attend Primitive Skills Gatherings in several states where Cathy teaches a twenty-hour course on Medicinal Herbs. This course includes instruction on identifying and collecting medicinal plants, preserving them, and making medicinal compounds from them.  In the process of sharing useful information, Cathy also learns about medicinal herbs from areas of the country and world that are unfamiliar to her, thus ever expanding her knowledge and use of medicinal plants.