Wilderness Emergency Care, Medical Training


The Wilderness Emergency Care (WEC) program supports a family of courses to meet the needs of everyone with outdoor interests, from easy day trips to challenging and technical activities, including wilderness rescue.  Click on the course name to learn more about each course.  

WILDERNESS FIRST RESPONDER is a 60- to 80-hour course for wilderness professionals and others who want a higher level of training or require WFR certification.


BASIC WILDERNESS FIRST AID is an intensive 8- to 10-hour course for those who are involved in wilderness recreation. This course may also meet the needs of volunteers and professionals who lead groups on short trips in relatively low-risk situations.

WILDERNESS FIRST AID is a 16- to 20-hour course for those who are involved in serious wilderness activities. This course is the choice of many wilderness trip leaders and guides.

DISTANCE LEARNING WFR This is the same great program as our hybrid learning course, except for the in person practice time.  To help facilitate those who want to learn this skill but are unable to attend the training center practices, we offer the distance learning WFR.  This is a more expensive course due to the fact that it requires almost constant one to one instruction from one of our instructors.  However, we feel that this model can still produce a high quality training.

WILDERNESS EMT UPGRADE is a 40-hour course for those who are already certified as EMTs. The course builds on EMT training and adds wilderness concepts and skills with many role-playing scenarios.