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Wilderness Program Training

Wilderness Program Training is something that Sage Trainings provides to wilderness therapy programs and residential facilities that have an outdoor component to their programs.  Or anyone interested in working in the wilderness therapy (outdoor behavioral healthcare) field.  


Services provided:


  • Medical trainings:  WFR (wilderness first responder), WFA (wilderness first Aid) or FA/CPR certifications (These certifications come through the American Safety and Health Institute.)


  • PCS (positive control system) certification.  Crisis managment, deescalation skills, combative client managment. (Certification provided by Positive Control Systems.)  


  • Primitive/survival wilderness skills: E.G. bow drill, hand drill, cordage, sewing, wood carving, shelters, navigation, plant identification and camp cooking to name a few.  (These topics will be certified in house by Sage Trainings.) 


  • Wilderness risk managment: E.G. AWOL protocol, AWOL tracking and recovery, off road vehicle driving, basic vehicle maintenance, environmental hazards (hot and cold survival), communications systems, crisis managment, communication with local and state officials, understanding wilderness licensing and permitting regulations.  (These topics will be certified in house by Sage Trainings.)  


  • Adventure and leadership:  E.G. Leadership course, basic ropes and rappelling course, winter survival, desert survival, snow shoe construction, basic canoe anatomy, line and fly fishing basics, river rafting basics, cross country skiing basics, mountain biking basics, camp games/songs, processing skills, mindfulness exercises and much more. (These topics will be certified in house by Sage Trainings.) 


  • Leave No Trace:  Awareness workshop, trainer course and master educator courses available. (Certification is through Leave No Trace.)